Roosters parent course

First start is February 2020.
Participation requires a referral from a (house) doctor.

What is the Roosters parent course?

And for whom is this program?

The Roosters Parent Program Talking you do with the two of you helps you and your child step by step when learning to talk and communicate better. The program alternates house visits with group meetings.

Learning to talk doesn’t always happen by itself. With this parent program you will learn to tailor your language to your child’s. This way, the child takes over the language more easily.

Parents have more self-confidence after the course and they also indicate that they have a closer relationship with their child. They understand their child better. Frustrations in both child and older decrease. Many parents see that their child takes more initiative in talking and communicating or going to use more words.

The Roosters Parent Programme is based on years of research that demonstrates the importance of early intervention and involving parents. Impact research shows that the program is perceived by parents as very supportive and enlightening. By using the Roosters method, interaction and communication between parent and child improves.

Prepared for effort

You are willing to make an effort for your child’s language development.

Language lag

Your child has a language disability.


Your child is between one and a half and five years old.

Some sounds

Your child communicates with a few sounds to three-word sentences.

How does the course go?

Introductory interview

Within 2 months of signing up, I’ll come to your house to set up communication goals for your child together.

Group meetings (8x)

Here theoretical and practical handles are discussed. These take place on a regular weekday evening in Hilversum,with walk-in from 19:45, start at 20:00 and ending at 22:00.

House Visits (3x)

During this visit we make video recordings and discuss the progress.

Sign up

During the course, the book “Talking is used by you”

Parent course

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