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Multilanguage practice

Makes communication (again) easy

Multi-language practice helps children who have trouble speaking or understanding language.

Does your child have trouble making sentences? Doesn’t he understand what the teacher says? Does he speak incomprehensible?

In short: does your child need support to communicate more easily? Then you are at the right place!

The main purpose of therapy is to make communication as easy and fun as possible by improving interaction, non-verbal communication, language development, articulation and/or oral motor skills.


Contracts with health insurers

Multilingual practice has contracts with most health insurers. Read here what that means to you.


Read more about Jente Timmer and the experiences she experiences during her work as a speech therapist, trainer and coach.

What treatment suits you and your child best?

Opt for treatment only for your child, or participate in a course for parents.

Speech therapy

Every week, your child will work half an hour with exercises for expressing the right sound, producing longer sentences or understanding more complex words and phrase constructions. The therapy is adapted to the age and learning and endurance of your child. The treatment and intensity of therapy depend on the severity of the help demand.

Roosters parent course

Help your child learn to talk and communicate better at the time of learning to talk and communicate. The program alternates house visits with group meetings. Learning to talk doesn’t always happen by itself. With this parent program you learn to tailor language to your child’s. In this way, the child takes over the language more easily. The next start of this course is February 2020.

Relationships to the word.